How to plan safe travel post during pandemic

08th Feb, 2022 08:03pm

During these challenging times, most couples have gone through extreme stress due to work or even work from home. We interacted with a lot of couples who got married during these pandemic times. They had to minimise the guest list and get married within closed family. Believe me, this must have been the most hectic of all. With changes rules every other day, uncertainties were really high. But we know there were a lot of couples who followed all the covid protocol to stay safe and got married. Limiting human movement affects once lifestyle. It could be newly wed couple, or others ; each one is eagerly looking to move for a short trip to experience some privacy and me time. This comes with a lot of risk. No one wants to take chances so we decided to put together this article to help you plan your romantic trip post vaccination. 


1. Getting Vaccinated is your first step.We have spoken to the government officials and hotel associations regarding the future of travel. It was clear that the industry wants to thrive once vaccination is in place. It will be mandatory for each traveller to have the certificate of vaccination. So, plan to get your jab soon. It could be intra state, inter state or even international travel, this will act as our visa to consider movement. ‍

2. Choosing the destination - Our advise to couple is to be more specific about their expectation from the trip. If you looking for a short trip, then choose a destination that can be by-road with self drive. Ideal driving distance could be about 250 kms and thus you will have your option of destination in hand.If you considering to go for like a week, then pick a destination which has direct flight option and where the airlines gives assurance for 100% refund / change permit even last minute. Since air travel will be involved, ensure you take extra safety during your travel. International travel will be purely subjective. We request you to not take any risks travelling abroad without 2 important thingsTravel VisaTravel Consultant‍

3. How to choose the resort / hotel to stay This is the most important thing for any couple. You need to know that your safety is more important than anything else. So, choose the resort which offers 100% assurance on maintaining quality services and hygiene. Check if the resort will allow you without the vaccination. If they say they do allow then our recommendation would be to avoid that hotel. Hotel has to be either a 4* or a 5*. Do not consider any 3* budget hotel as it comes at affordable prices but reliability is a concern. So try to have a consultant who does the check on the stay. ‍

4. Find a travel expert These are times where you will realise the importance of the travel expert who will ensure they do all the background checks for your safety. Having a travel consultant will not only mean reliability but also gives you that much hassle free experience. ‍

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